T. Rose Swim is a collection of swimwear designed and owned by Taylor Rose Mendiola. Growing up on Oahu, bikinis were always a staple of your everyday outfit and in effort to save money, she learned to sew and began creating her own suits in high school. Word spread and the brand was born. T. Rose Swim spent a few years being solely a handmade swimwear company then upon graduating with a Bachelors degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising, Taylor Rose decided to take her business to the next step toward getting the suits produced in the beautiful, Bali, Indonesia.

The brand fuses femininity with functionality and encourages every woman to feel beautiful and comfortable when they put on a T. Rose Swim suit. Using unique styles, high quality fabrics and hand drawn prints, each piece is created with YOU in mind. Thank you for allowing me to follow my dreams and joining me on this journey!

xo, Taylor Rose